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77th Night of Prayer for Vacations

 St. Joseph’s Church in Phsar Toich of the Catholic diocese of Phnom Penh organized the 77th night of prayer for vacations on the night of 6th December 2018. The prayer gathering is an initiative of the diocese that began in 2011 with the purpose of petitioning God to offer more gifted servants to the Church as priests and religious.

In his homily, Bishop Olivier Schmittaeusler  of the Apostolic Vicariate of Phnom Penh, said: “From the beginning,  God calls us. He looks for each person, seeking them in person. God chooses us to serve as His servants.”  His Lordship also mentioned the response of the Blessed Virgin Mary who answered the Angel by saying that God had come to the Blessed Virgin  Mary and chosen Her. Although the Blessed Virgin Mary was not prepared Herself,  She agreed to answer the call. Bishop Olivier also highlighted ten types of Catholics, who are the children of God during the Advent season. Of the ten, he made mention of some as follows: “Believe in God, trust Him just as the Blessed Virgin Mary, who trusted Him completely. Another, you have to be ready to seek Him in our own hearts and in other people. It is generous of you to love Jesus Christ and the others in order for all humans to have a relationship with God because He is love. All this, will lead brothers and sisters to love God and have the experience of this love.”

The Bishop also emphasized that it was thanks to God like the Blessed Virgin Mary, during the Advent season, what to do for God? “Please look for a point in a day. Another, is for us, the children of God, who proclaim the gospel with joy, which we will receive, namely the birth of Jesus! The last is for the children of God  to prayer, stay awake, and be vigilant in order to see, listen to  and hear the call of God in our own life.”

Following the Holy Mass, the prayer service continued with the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and Catholics had come in tandem kneeling in
prayer in front of the Holy Eucharist until 6 am.  The nigh of prayer for vocations is held in rotation once every month at the 9 nine pastoral sectors of the diocese.