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120 Poor Families Receive Gifts

One hundred and twenty poor families received the parcels of gifts on 10 April 2019 from St. Joseph’s Church in PhsarToich in the pastoral sector of North of Phnom Penh on the occasion of Khmer New Year. The gift-distribution ceremony was held in Russey​ Keo district’s Tuol​​​ S​angke village, Phnom Penh in the presence of Fr. Chatsirey Roeung together with members of the Committee for Charity and some other Catholics.

Commencing the ceremony, Fr. Chatsirey, the parish priest of Phsar Toich gave the 120 a very warm welcome, saying: “On the occasion of Easter and Khmer New Year,  our parish has prepared  little parcels of gifts for you with the aim of sharing love and contributing to your some difficulties.”

The priest continued: “Today’s distribution of the parcels of gifts is not very much for families who have lots members. The parcels of gifts are of one week’s duration or more than one week, they would run out of the parcels, but what is the aim of today is that our Church follows Jesus’ teachings to share love and love people of all nations just as the phrase written in the Bible: if you do a good little work for anyone like you do for me.”

Siphan, the chairperson of St. Joseph’s parish in Phsar Toich, said that the parcels of gifts had been distributed for each family today was: 25 kg of mill rice, fish sauce, noodle, salt, cooking oil and canned fish, etc. The items had come from local and international Catholics, along with the budget of St. Joseph’s parish itself.

She continued: “The distribution of the parcels of gifts in our Church has come twice a year.  The families who attended the programme either obtained the gifts or played traditional Khmer games or even general knowledge quizzes happily.”