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A New building becomes a key in helping in the development of nation

A new building of St. Peter intended for studies, was formally inaugurated on 5 November 2019 in the presence of Msgr Enrique Figaredo (also known as Kiké) of the Apostolic Prefecture of Battambang. The new building is for pre-school and primary school students. The inauguration ceremony was attended by representatives from the Department of Education, Youth and Sport, Department of Religions and Cults, local authorities, teachers, national and international guests at the campus of St. Peter’s Church in Kampong Chhnang province.


Launching the ceremony, Msgr Kiké gratefully thanked the donors, nuns and priests and the government for their support so that the Church can have development related activities in the province. The Apostolic Prefect further said that this school had very long had activities and the new building would be much more useful for children in the area. It would also help parents so that their children can have access to education of good quality.

He added that the building would signify the presence of the Church for the common good. It is not only for the faithful, but also helps the poor, those in need for education and growth for the future of the nation. He stressed: “If we are united in educating children, then we are participating in nation building and help develop the country for the future. If we want to have a future, we must have knowledge.  Education is a key to allowing us to move further to develop the nation.”


The study programme of the school of St. Peter has been going on for years with the pre-school education for children.  2019 is seeing more needs of the parents and so the Church had an additional building constructed. The study programme does on from 7:30am to 3pm with lunch provided for the children. A nun who gave her name as Roza, the manager of the school of St. Peter said that the school had a goal of helping the parents of children who are busy with earning a living.  


The nun further said: “Poor students were often left behind at home by their parents. No one takes care of the and no one teaches them. The role of priests and nuns is to help care for the students and educate them. The parents trust their children because they learn a lot.” The pre-school opened its new academic year in early November. Forty five students from various areas in Kampong Chhnang province enrolled at the school.  The construction of the building also received support from donors abroad including Singapore, Hong Kong and Italy.