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Awards presentation ceremony

Four A-grade students and 31 B-grade students were given prizes. 124 top students from 1 to 10 for Chan Sarun Awards from different schools in the district (Cambodian Minister of Agriculture) got awards from him. Teachers of the 2018-2019 academic years were awarded consolations prizes.

Presided over by His Excellency Chan Sarun, the permanent deputy head of the district working group, the awards presentation ceremony took place on 3 October 2019 in the district. Joining him were bishop Olivier Schmitthaeusler of the Apostolic Vicariate of Phnom Penh, the leadership of the provincial department of education and the district leadership and a large number of civil servants and residents from the province.

Ut Chomnith, the head of the office for education, youth and sport in Tramkak district gave a brief report to all present. In the district, there are ten high schools. In the 2018-2019 academic years 1,205 candidates (666 girls) registered to sit for this year’s Grade 12 examinations.1,203 candidates (664 girls) sat for the examination with 874 passing the examination, which included  555 girls. This number accounted for 72.65 per cent, while the number of girls passing accounted for 75.37 per cent. There are four A-grade students (two girls), 31 B-grade students (19 girls), 64 C-grade students (36 girls), and 151 D-grade students (94 girls) and 624 E-grade students (348 girls).  Students who failed numbered 329, which included 164 girls.

An A-grade student Noeun Samnang from Hun Sen Angtasom high school shared his personal experiences at the ceremony saying that there were many factors leading him to become a top student.  It was the effort of teachers and students themselves.  They had to work hard on their own with a clear study timetable.  Classmates were a factor helping to explain and making up for shortfalls with each other.  Families, schools and national society are also another factor. The shade of peace had enabled all children to receive good education. The youth gave out a message to generations to come saying: “Please spend free time at libraries reading books and doing research. Establish a study club and have good relationships with friends.”

Another top  student Pheak Chan Chivy from the High School of St. François said that  he liked to pay more attention on studies at school than at home because he didn’t want to pressure himself. The youth added: “From the beginning, I want to get an A during the high school examination.” He too gave out a message to the younger generation saying: “Please study hard from the beginning to the end. Don’t play with Smartphone too much, especially online games. They can make us get addicted to it.” Chivy also thanked bishop Olivier and all the teachers for making special efforts to teach them until they succeeded like today.

Bishop Olivier, who is also the founder of the High School of St.François, said that the students of the High School of St. François had passed the examination with 100 per cent passes. There were four A-grade students and eight B-grade students among 31 across the district. There were 11 top students receiving prizes from Chan Sarun in 2019.

The bishop added that the Catholic Church had helped some 1,000 students from pre-school to high school with education in the district.  He also congratulated and encouraged all the schools in the district. He thanked the principals and teachers for making efforts to educate the students successfully. He even thanked parents for encouraging their children to have the strength of mind to move forward. He further said: “Please develop and shape your vision. Demonstrate love and action to carry out activities. Please think carefully on what is our vision for life in the future? When there is a clear vision, please make it come true.  We have successfully passed the examination because we have made efforts.  It is hoped that the future of our country will continue to fare well. We succeed in education when we think of people with a clear mind and body with the Holy Spirit guiding us to understand that our life is of value.”

Sarun, who is also a parliamentarian from Takeo province, said that the results the students in Tramkak district had obtained were a pride for their parents and grandparents.  It was not only their honour but also an honour for the residents in the district, especially the province.  The district had the honour as the students had passed the examination and four had earned grade A.  The results were not accidental – it is attributed to their efforts from the beginning.

The parliamentarian encouraged unsuccessful students to try further to receive their diplomas.  The passing students have still a long way to go. Following these friendly talks, outstanding students, A and B-grade students  were presented with prizes and souvenirs. The prizes included four motorcycles for four A-grade students and a Smartphone each for B-grade students.  Number one outstanding students were presented each with bicycles, bags, books and pens.  A reward of 40, 000 riel ($ 10) was also offered. Number two outstanding students received a bag, books, pens and 40, 000 riel ($ 10). Outstanding students from number three to ten received a bag, books, pens and 30, 000 riel ($ 7.5), while teachers were given a sarong (a kind of long skirt) and 40, 000 riel ($ 10).