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Bicycles for poor students

On the 17 November 2019,Tumpong Church distributed 11 bicycles and study materials to 11 poor students in ThmarKol District’s Tumpong village, Battambang province.

Voeut Ravuth, a member of the Parish Pastoral Committee, said that he was very happy with the donations by donors to buy such materials for the education sector within their pastoral mission. The materials were distributed to the students who need such assistance to study.

This year, eleven students were given bicycles each as a means to travel to school. He further said that this was the first time for Marie-Madeleine Kenning to make this donation and the second time for Kelvin Wee to provide assistance in the form of study materials for the students in the Church.

He added that Marie-Madeleine Kenning and Kelvin Wee had not only helped the students with house repairs with materials, but also other forms of help to those in need. The majority of recipients are Catholics. It is to be pointed that the donors had always come to Cambodia once a year to donate materials to poor students and their families, including primary and junior high school students.