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Bishop Olivier Urges Catholics to Open their Eyes and Ears to Other People

In commemoration of the life of the late Fr. François Troeung Buu Yieb as a Blessed man of the Catholic church, Bishop Olivier Schmittaeusler of Phnom Penh diocese exhorted all Catholics gathered, to repent especially during this Lent season.

He further urged the faithful on the morning of 12 March 2019 at the church in
Plau Trey, Loveam Em district’s Thmo Ko village to try hard to be patient, endure and have hope in order to act as honest people and open the way for other people to know Jesus like
Blessed Buu Yieb did.
The Prelate said that at present, the Roman Church was preparing documents to compile in order for Blessed Buu Yieb to be canonised a Saint.

In his homily, the bishop spoke to some 2,000 people, saying: “We are Catholics, please open our eyes and ears wide to be able to see the hardships of brothers and sisters everywhere.”

He emphasised that the Catholics had to have a change of heart and serve as more honest people to enter into the upcoming renewed life with God. The bishop also said that at the upcoming Easter celebration, the Catholic diocese of Phnom Penh will have 154 candidates to be baptized.

“Our life as Catholics is not much easy. We have hardships, misery. However, we have Jesus and during these forty days of Lent, we look at Him leading us to have support, patience and even to struggle forward,” the Bishop said.