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Catholic Church Helps Poor People to Build a House

The Churches of St. Francis and St. Clara of Assisi helped a poor widow with building a house on 3 March 2019 in Kor Roka commune’s Koh Roka Krao village of Kampong Cham province’s Kampong Seam district.
Fr. Phan Borei, the parish priest, said that this zinc-corrugated-roofed wooden house measuring 4m by 5m is for the poverty-stricken widow with two children. She has been hired to pick chilies earning only 10, 000 Riel ($2.50) a day.
The priest added that at seeing her without a shelter, the Church had raised some money from generous people, including an activity by the youth of the parishes, selling used items for sale at the church in order to buy construction materials. The cost of the construction was $ 600 in total. Some villagers and parish pastoral committee members also contributed in assisting in the project.
He also stressed: “The Church was not aware of a warehouse helping these persons by not simply assisting every person who comes by. What is available are the savings necessary to help the poor. Therefore, whatever religion they belong to we help them with love and we don’t ever tempt them to believe in the Catholic faith. On the contrary, we want them to have joy and think that there are plenty of persons who do not abandon them but provide them with love and care.”
Mrs. Phuong Sophy, 56, who will receive the donation in the form of a new house from the Church said: “I would like to profoundly thank the Catholic Church for rescuing me with a house
like everybody else. Without the help of the priest and others, I would not have a decent shelter.”
The lady said: “My life of abject poverty every day made me rely only on certain brothers and sisters and neighbors, but I received strong hope when I saw the people of the Church visiting and providing me with the shelter for me and my children. It’s not a great deal for the rich
but it is a great deal for me as a poor person. Therefore, the lesson on love I received from the teachings of the Catholic Church is for my family members and other poor persons. This makes me have the strength to live on and I also put the help into practice with love as I have received it. ”
The priest also encouraged the poor and the sick and those in a state of sadness, saying: “Please be hopeful in life. You must strive to work and live on. Although we are poor, the persons
rejected by others, there are many persons who have love in their hearts loving and pay attention
to us, especially the Church who always loves the poor in Christ all the time. We are one large family.”