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Catholics, please participate in Church’s and Society’s Development

St. Peter’s Church (Po Thom) held the confirmation rite for 30 candidates on 26 May 2019. During his homily, Bishop Olivier Schmitthaeusler of the Apostolic Vicariate of Phnom Penh asked Catholics present reflective questions: “How do we promote the development of the Church and society?  How do I myself promote the development of society in order for me and the Church as well as the society to be able move forward with the Mysteries of God?”

The bishop underscored each point to encourage them, saying: “We wanted to establish a Church that is filled with joys, peace and fraternity, which become children in a great family in line with the only one commandment of Jesus: ‘You love one another as I have loved you’.”

 For society’s development, he further said: “We had to find a way for us to engage in society to establish relationships with all humankind to live with love, sincerity and justice as well as caring for the unfortunate to create the only one great family.”

For living and our own body, he also commented: “Love, peace and joys are what we need. We must become balanced persons to live in society with love and receive peace, joys from God to bear witness to joys in our village.”

On the occasion, bishop Olivier also cited the example of the late priest Chhmar Saloem, who had served the Church at Meat Krasas in the time of turmoil and at the hands of the Pol Pot regime, which was the regime of the Killing Fields.

The bishop added: “The late priest Chhmar Saloem had urged the Catholics to observe Easter celebrations with joy, despite having hardships due to the war. But we Catholics had to show the joys of our faith as the Apostles in early times.”