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Champa Church co-operates with Buddhists abroad to Help Flood Victims

 St. François Xavier’s church in Champa of the Tonle Mekong pastoral sector distributed milled rice and items of daily needs to 350 flood victims  in Champa village of Kandal province’s Kien Svay district.   The aid-distributing ceremony took place in September 2018 as an expression of love and hope for them.

According to Werachai Sri Pramong, the priest in charge of the pastoral sector, the donations had come from  Buddhists abroad through the Catholic Church.

The priest said: “I see that when local people received the aid, they are happy because they could not make a living for some time. The contribution was announced to Catholics and local people in the village to help each there and be able to do their part for others.” He emphasized that following the activity, all members of the Charity Committee had to visit the poor people going from door to door as a show of God’s love for them.  Although there are no floods currently, the Church has always helped the poor in the hope that the floods will not come and destroy everything.