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Door-to-Door Prayer

Parishioners in Koh Roka Church gathered as a group to pray at each house in order to strengthen the faith and encourage one another during this Lenten season.
Fr. Phan Borei, the parish priest of Koh Roka said that the door-to-door prayer service was very important because it was a time to visit one another – a blessing of peace to each family and the proclaiming of the Gospel to neighbours who have not got to known the Church. The event had also reminded the families that during the Lenten season they have to be very attentive to prayer “No matter how busy you are, please do not forget God,” he continued.
The parishioners have so far prayed at five houses and will continue doing so till the end of this Lenten season in Koh Roka commune’s Koh Roka Krau village in Kampong Cham province’s Kampong Siem district.


The priest requested the parishioners to be more attentive to reflect on the Word of God to strengthen their faith and not to stay away from God. “Please do fast and partake in the Passion of Jesus in the 40-day period and reflect on daily life without having to depend only on food – you need spiritual food too,” he continued. He added that not only do the parishioners have to pay attention to alms-giving. “We know that each person does not have great wealth to give alms to others, but what is important is love, which we must show for one another, whether it is small or big. It must come from a true heart so that we will receive the joys in life lived, too,” the priest said.
He emphacised that the above-mentioned tasks should  not only be done
during the 40-days of Lent, but also they must practise it every time to take part in spreading the Gospel of Jesus and also express testimonial witness of the faith.