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Family of Light and Friendship

Once a year, the Family of Light and Friendship commemorates the celebration of the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary. On 9th December 2018 the Family of Light and Friendship  marked the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary with the Eucharist on the occasion of the 50 anniversary of its presence in the Capital city of  Phnom Penh in Cambodia.  The program took place at the house of  the Family in Tomnub Teuk village, Boeung Tompun quarter, Meanchey district, Phnom Pemh. It was presided over by Bishop Olivier Schmittaeusler of the Apostolic Vicariate of Phnom Penh. The event saw a lot of people attending, including religious, factory  workers and  children.

For the Family of Light and Friendship, the Blessed Virgin Mary was likened to a Queen and a Mother  whom they depend on and pin firm hopes on. The commemoration of Mary is always performing wonders to the Family.    

On the occasion,  an old lady Nicol, an envoy introducing the Family of Light and Friendship into Cambodia, said that today was a bigger day than usual one because it celebrates the 50th anniversary of the group’s presence in Cambodia. “The Family of Light and Friendship   in France, Africa, Brazil and Cambodia is far apart from each other, but we keep loving one another as one family,” the lady said.  She also said “First, I thank the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the brethren. Second, I am happy.”

This lady has lived in Cambodia for many years  and she loves the country very much. At heart she has hope because she saw many good-hearted people helping others. Third,  they keep loving one another and love life. “If humans keep loving one another, then our world will not be at war.All  will be helping one another.”          

Bishop Olivier said: “Today we are happy because we gather in the Family of Light and Friendship. We come here though we do not know  each other very much, but we meet new friends. We know that the Blessed Virgin Mary is a special Mother, who can set an example for all mothers to follow. Because She loves Her Son and Her husband,  She has close relationships with Her brothers and sisters. She helped villagers who are sad. Our life, sometimes, is good and at other times not so good, but in our life, it allows us to be an example, who leads us to have the strength to imitate Her.We can go forward, if can take care of  the light of friendships in our hearts, which leads us to know that all humans are brothers and sisters.”

A young female  representative and a factory worker rose to give testimonies of the difficulties in life and thanked the Family of Light and Friendship for helping and giving hope to discover a new light to struggle on.  It was followed by the releasing of balloons, which is a sign of joy.  They also had a fellowship meal in a pleasant atmosphere.