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Inauguration of New Buildings

New buildings equipped with modern and unique materials and achievements of the primary school and the Private General Knowledge and Technical High School of St. François located in  two separate  communes of Takeo province’s Tramkak district by the initiative of Bishop Olivier Schmittaeusler were inaugurated on the 29th January 2019.  The opening ceremony was presided over by His. Excellency Hong Chounaron, the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports of Cambodia.

According to Mr. Yon Sam Ath, the principal of the Technical High School of St. François, the primary school  located in Chamka Tieng village, Kous commune had consisted of four buildings, while the high school in Koki village, Taphen commune of Takeo province’s Tramkak district has one academic building.   There are two dormitories, a football field, a model hotel and four kiosks for student to reading books. Besides these, there are 5,000 square meters of agricultural land and a set of equipment, four hectares of paddy field land designed for the student to practise and 70 hectares of agricultural land for the student to conduct a tour study at the Phnom Voah development zone in the province.

Bishop Olivier, who is the founder of the schools, said that the schools were making contributions to the educational sector, human resources training, which are a solid foundation of developing Cambodia in order to have clear and high-level skills. His Lordship continued that Technical High School of St. François was the only one high school in Takeo providing technical training in businesses, agronomy and tourism.  The high school not only teaches the students general knowledge but also a clear computer program, spending time at the library, the making of a vegetable garden, and artistic programs with the purpose of participating in preserving our cultural wealth such as Lkhon Khol  (performed by masked men to the accompaniment of music recitation in a community based around the Buddhist monastery).

The primary school of St. François has received assistance from generous people of Singapore, while the high school from Catholic Mission Australia.