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Kampot Church Ends First Academic Year

The Language & Cultural Center-run primary school in Sovann Sakor village, Kampong Kandal district of Kampot province’s Kampot city held a ceremony to close the 2017-2018 academic year of the first batch of its students. The ceremony took place on 31st August 2018 in the presence of assistant priest Rev. Jonh Mang Peng. The event saw two children entertaining the audience with their piano recital in Medizon rhythm. The students were presented with completion certificates. They included Chanvireak, Soung Layliheang and Sambath Sreyneang. Mr. Hun Ann, the principal of the school congratulated the grade one students on passing the examination with 100 % passes and they are now ready to advance to grade 2. Thanks to their parents for sending their children here and “We will try further to strengthen and improve the quality of education even more.”

The priest thanked the teachers for making efforts to teach and take care of the students with love. The parents were pleased and he also thanked the parents for focusing their attention on the school and said, “Please continue to further encourage your children to love studies and work even harder for next year.

The priest hoped that all the students would improve and succeed next year. It has to be noted that the Language & Cultural Center (FLCC) has just set the school in motion formally for the first time for the academic year 2017-2018 with 66 students and teachers and staff totaling 16. The primary school will begin next year’s session on 1st October 2018.