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New Bell blessing ceremony at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church

The Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in Plau Trey of the Mekong River pastoral sector, had a new bell blessing ceremony on the occasion of commemorating the late Fr. François Troeung Buu Yieb on the morning of 12 March 2019 in Loveam Em district’s Thmo Ko village in
Kandal province. The blessing ceremony was conducted by Bishop Schmittaeusler of the Apostolic Vicariate with thousands of Catholics far and near participating.

The name of the new bell is “Jesus’ Sacred Heart”. Fr. Werachai Sri Pramong, the parish priest of the Mekong River area, said that the new bell was a new sign of sounding repeatedly to call
Catholics to come together to pray in church. The priest also said that the Church before had difficulty at times to gather the faithful because there was no sound to call them. Sometimes, the church’s loud-speaker could not be heard at a distance, thereby disrupting gatherings.

The priest added that the bell would be struck three times to make it known to the Catholics: first, to prepare themselves, second prepare to recite a prayer and the third the call for Mass.

At the blessing ceremony, Bishop Olivier invoked God to bless the new bell and
the Prelate requested those hearing the sound to gather to glorify Him. This was followed by the Eucharist where he broke bread in memory of Jesus.

The traditional meaning of the bell for the Catholic Church, Fr. Werachai explained: “The bell is the voice of God calling all brothers and sisters to church just as Moses had blown the
trumpet to call all people to unite with God.”