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Pope Francis visits Thailand

Led by Fr. ChatsireyRoeung, the  Chancellor& General Secretary of bishop Olivier Schmitthaeusler of the Apostolic Vicariate of Phnom Penh, 165 Catholic delegates travelled to Bangkok, Thailand to see Pope Francis. They will spend four days and three nights on this
pilgrimage from 20-23 November 2019.

It is to be noted that the Holy Father said on 15 November 2019 that he would have the opportunity to meet the faithful in Thailand and encourage them to collaborate to share their faith with the society. He reminded Thai Catholics to fulfill their role in the interest of their country. Hopefully, they would strengthen friendly ties and share the faith with followers of the Buddhist faith. They should be witnesses of patience and join in solidarity, which is Thailand’s true identity.  The Pope expressed his beliefs saying: “My papal visit will help us learn clearly about the significance of relationships between religions. They should understand about one another’s relationship in depth, namely collaboration with each other as brothers and sisters.  It is especially the concern in serving the poor and those in need the most and work for the sake of peace.”

Cambodian seminarian Prak Bunhong said: “If I can meet the pope, I will ask him to think of the political situation in Cambodia. I will ask him to pray for the Church. I will also ask for prayers for more intake into the Cambodian Catholic Major Seminary with youths responding to the call of God.”

A pilgrim Kuy Liheang also said: “If I meet the pope, I will ask him to bless Cambodia and the whole world for peace and pray for orphaned children, the poor. Also for prayers especially for the souls of babies aborted by their parents and to consider climate change in the world.”