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“You Have to Always Have Unity to Always Serve with Complete Joy and Always Endure Struggle,” Bishop Olivier

Bishop Olivier Schmittaeusler of the Apostolic Vicar of Phnom Penh mentioned the sentence in the title to this article to leaders of the young scouts of the diocese attending a camp held for the leaders and their members at St. Joseph’s Church in Koh Sla, Kampot.

Bishop Olivier explained each point clearly to them saying: “You must always have unity. As young scouts, we need to live according to the Laws of Jesus, disciplines and laws of the young scouts. Another point is that we need to open our eyes always to see the needs of others. Having this mind allows us to always render service as leaders of the young scouts, without needing people to order us.”

“These things allow us who are the leaders of the young scouts to be filled with joy. It allows us to pay our attention to maintaining the joy, and that when there is joy, children always come to us. However, we also need to always struggle to serve the children, to respect time and to prepare clear lessons,” continued the Bishop.

The camp was organised by the Pastoral Office for youth and children of the diocese between 9-11 April 2018. The camp was also attended by participants amounting to more than 500 persons comprising of priests, brothers, nuns, leaders of the young scouts and their members.

Mr. Son Saroeurn, the person in charge of the office said that the topic for the young scouts was “Our Success”. This was the first program for them in 2018 with the leaders and the members coming from the pastoral sectors of Takeo, Kampot-Kep and Kampong Som.

Saroeurn went on to say that the camp had provided all of them the opportunity to gather and play games together, rest in the tent and stay together. They even conducted activities such as visiting the sick, the elderly and the poor in the area of Koh Sla, visiting 20 families including the poor, the elderly, widows and the helpless.  “The activity was to inculcate in children the idea of helping others and to show love for the helpless and others needing us.”

The leader also said that the pastoral office for youth and children would organize a second camp for the leaders of the young scouts and their members during mid-May 2018 in the pastoral sectors of Southern and Northern Phnom Penh and Phnom Penh Thmei.